Video Art Archive: The first online archive of Georgian video art and moving images was created in 2014 and contains up to 400 works created from 1990s until now by more than 80 authors. More recent creations within the Georgian art sphere include works created in various media – a novel form for the Georgian reality. Nevertheless, this was not followed by an adequate analysis and reflection, which is crucial for the understanding of the virtues and significance that any creation carries. Our archive embodies a role of a mediator between the audience and this specific form of art, and it aims to map the stages of Georgian video art development and to support the creation of a discourse within the cultural field of the country in this direction. The local video art and moving image created for the exhibition context counts almost 26 years. It was in the beginning of the 90s, when the local artists started exhibiting their first video art works in Georgia and beyond its borders. Globally, the video art started establishing itself within the global exhibition practice of visual arts in the 1960s, gradually becoming one of the leading mediums in the world.