Elene Gabrichidze

Elene Gabrichidze (B. 1992) lives and works in Georgia. In 2014 graduated with B.A. in Graphic Design from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. In 2013 graduated with M.A. in Photography from the Centre of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi.
Her works used to be questions about living, love, time, society and etc. After some moment in her life where she discovered water and a power/ empowerment of words, she started to write poetry as a medium. Sometimes she connects her cat and the city with themes like death, change, finite, and saint mountain. She lets viewers kneel down to the river that takes away worst dreams or sacred whispers. In latest video she tried to answer questions about evolution and development by talking about language, writing and dolphins. The latest themes that she works with are Georgian writings/ text; thread production/textile and Nature.

Works by Elene Gabrichidze