Gio Sumbadze

B. 1976 Tbilisi, Gio Sumbadze lives and works in Georgia. In 2000, graduated with B.A. in Design and Visual Communications, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. He is a multimedia artist. His artworks focus on architecture and structure of nature, as well as on architectural planning which sometimes repeats shades of nature and even confronts them. As he says his “artworks are typological documentations of space and time”. The artist takes feedback from who/what gets into his lens. This is the main source of inspiration for him.

In 2013 Gio Sumbadze represented Georgia at the 55th Venice Art Biennale. Architectural project “Kamikadze Loggia” was inspired by informal architecture in Tbilisi. He is a member of an artistic group GOSLAB in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Works by Gio Sumbadze