Nikoloz Kapanadze

B. 1994 Moscow, Russia Nikoloz Kapanadze lives and works in Germany. In 2015 he graduated with a B.Sc in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Jacobs University Bremen. After several semesters in Hochschule Für Künste Bremen he transferred to UDK Berlin where he graduated with a M.A. in Art & Media in 2020. Nikoloz is currently studying as a Meisterschüler with Alberto de Campo at UDK (2022). His works span multiple media, including: video, interactive installation, video games, moving image, spatial audio. The topics and methods of his work are often empirical, scientific observations as he often tries to integrate his technical background into the process. In the other aspects of his work Nikoloz often investigates the relationships between new media and the way we form memories.

Works by Nikoloz Kapanadze