zura apkhazi

Zura Apkhazi (Apkhazashvili ) Was born in 1968 in Gori. He lives and works in Georgia. In 1996 he graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and worked as a teacher in Uplistsikhe public School, region of Kartli. He is a member of Georgia-German Society (c.1994) and participated in group exhibitions: Central House of Arts (ЦДХ) Moscow (1996), “Dinner for Everybody” in Tbilisi History State Museum (2004), Art Caucasus, “Second body” in GTC-Hall, Tbilisi (2005), “Georgia-Deutcher kulturverein Regenburg e.V“ in Regensburg and “Georgia on my mind” in Alte Shule Adlershof gallery, Berlin (2012); “ARS MEDICINA” by Gala Gallery in Museum of Medical History, Tbilisi (2013). Solo shows: “Own LHC”, Gala Gallery, Tbilisi (2014); Gallery Lisstros, Berlin (2010); “black&white negatives” in the Centre of French culture, Tbilisi (2010); “black&white Silhouette” (2002), “Compressed Space”(2001) and “7 Day” (1999) in GI Gallery of Georgia-Italian Society, Tbilisi.

Works by zura apkhazi