Everybody Thinks We Wrong

I often think about a fly that once accidentally got on the plane and traveled all the way to another country. I don't know much about flies having feelings, I don’t know if they can experience cultural/aesthetic or climate shock, but if I imagine, that one fly, all of the sudden, got into an unknown environment, into the absolutely different country, I feel a bit jealous and a lot excited to know that, apparently, things can happen just like this, by accident. ​ If not for people, - at least for flies. I often think about Georgian sailor trees, taking a boat to travel into the sea and changing their lives. The difference between those trees and the fly, is that there has been no accident. They were swimming in the sea because one particular person wanted them to. But trees can see everything. They breathe everything and remember everything. They live the longest lives, just until someone decides that they're either “too pretty” (and takes them in his yard), or that they’re not "pretty enough" (and throws them away from a sight). This video is about traveling and dying trees.

Music: Qvesknela