Eyes and Barriers (metamorphosis) #1

“Gregor’s serious wound, from which he suffered for over a month (since no one ventured to remove the apple, it remained in his flesh as a visible reminder), seemed by itself to have reminded the father that, in spite of his present unhappy and hateful appearance, Gregor was a member of the family, something one should not treat as an enemy, and that it was, on the contrary, a requirement of family duty to suppress one’s aversion and to endure—nothing else, just endure.”

Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis

A long-dead body of a bug was found in Berlin last summer. Remains from Charlottenstrasse, covered in concrete dust and spider web, were examined and treated.

Successful chemical fixation of the premortem image was made on a surprisingly well-preserved left eye retina. Surely, the creature’s optogram is not sharp, but it delivers vast color information.

On reconstructed footage, an object with distinct, vibrant color (green, yellow, or red) is clearly seen…

The work is about perception, based on a fictional sequel to The Metamorphosis by Kafka. It is an infinite loop of image sequences shot with two different types of cameras. They replicate different ways of seeing: human vision in black and white, and the insect eye in color.

This is about the process of alienation, as seen from personal and external perspectives. Questioning how perception turns into a barrier, and how subjectivity potentially materializes into something that affects many people.

Two opposing devices observe the same event – the transformation of a piece of fruit. The filmed apple comes from abandoned gardens, divided by the barbed wire fences of borderization. This fruit comes from a real area of conflict in Georgia, where people live under constant terror and threat. Russia’s occupation line constantly moves and swallows territories, family farms, gardens, and houses.