Where am I? Does the Full Circle Describe Reality?

The Situation caused by the pandemic has definitely transformed our daily routine. In the context when social gatherings is suppressed Cyberspace emerges as an aid. However, the question remains whether it can actually replace the physical world or not? The current isolation campaign together with the state of lockdown forces people to adapt to virtual reality - a space where borders between limits and possibilities is blurred. All these temporary changes in social lifestyle will possibly affect people's lives in the long term. «Where am I? Does the Full Circle Describe Reality?» is a deliberate manipulation of geometric, spatial and perceptual perspectives by the author, where he tries to create fictional layers in an imaginary dimension. He creates a physical illusion for a virtual space. The main structure of the work is a tiny mock-up exhibition space that's filmed from inside and outside simultaneously. The model is distorted on-purpose in real world so that it creates imaginative 360 degree world for virtual reality.