David Chikhadze

B. 1962 Tbilisi, David Chikhadze lives and works in Georgia. He is a poet and theater artist. His poems and critical articles have been published since 1981 in periodicals. He has also translated numerous works by American poets and theoreticians. Since the mid-1980s he has taken part in various exhibitions, installations and theatrical projects in Georgia and abroad. Since 1989 he has published in foreign journals. In 1989 he founded Tbilisi’s first independent gallery Alternative Art Gallery, about which a wide-ranging survey was published that year in America (Kim Levin, Connoisseur, 1989). Since 1994 he has been directing Tbilisi’s Margo Korableva’s Performance Theatre. From 2002 to 2004 he collaborated with the New York theatre Repetti Chocolate Factory. In 2002 he took part in the American Living Room festival in New York. His productions as a videographer were: Audit, Drowning Man and Fundamental, and they evoked a good response from New York’s theatrical press. In 2006, in City University of New York, he staged, in English and in Russian, a method for an electronic dictionary of writing processual poems: this method he then used to create two new poems, ‘Mausoleum’ and ‘Orgasm’. His poems have appeared in many anthologies and collections, including the magazine Salz (Austria), Archae Journal; Stroker; Emergency Gazette (USA); Dagbladet (Norway); Missives (France), Beorama (Serbia), Dekorativnoe Isskustvo; Gumanitarni Fond (Russia).