"…all the mysteries are buried in the language…"

Praise and Glory of Kartuli Language - Ioane Zosime


‘’The symbols are laid around the circle and you are to locate yourself in the centre.’’-

Pathways to bliss

Joseph Campbell.


Hermes Trismegistus – “God is an infinite sphere, the center of which is everywhere, the circumference nowhere”


The history books of architecture start from the megalithic culture, from the ‘dolmens’ that remind everyone of the eternity of the universe. The disks found in the artefacts and the signs (sun, moon, stars) on the toned stones indicate the connections between humans and the cosmos from time immemorial. Our Asomtavruli alphabet proves the same and according to some studies, it originates from the Sumerians.


Asomtavruli alphabet begins with:

1 Ani – Moon, sky, male deity – numerological meaning 1

4 Doni – day, Sun deity, mother deity – numerological meaning 4

9 Tani – eye, deity of light, 9th sky – numerological meaning 9

11 Kani – door, birth, eternity – numerological meaning 20

19 Ra – deity Ra, sun of the suns – numerological meaning 100

34- an ox - 7000.


The Phoenician alphabet contained a total of 22 letters, or 22 ideograms. The first is "Aleph" - the ideogram of an ox. Next is "Beti", which signifies the house, and the fourth sign "Dalet" - the door. The North Semitic alphabet is thought to have originated from Phoenician. The North Semitic alphabet counts 22 ideograms.


the earliest fully developed alphabetic writing system – Semitic Alphabet starts with Alef (meaning the ox) and ends with Taw (22nd letter meaning the cross).

It turns out that the Georgian alphabet ends with the cult animal - the ox - the god of the moon, and a cross is also placed here at the end of the alphabet. The Semitic alphabet starts with the ideogram of the ox "Aleph" and on the contrary, the Georgian Asomtavruli ends with the ideogram the ox.


Hebrew belongs to the Canaanite group of Semitic languages. It starts with Aleph and ends with Taw את.

The aim of the film is to bring us closer to the ancient roots of our ancestors and to show us the importance of cosmic connections at this stage of civilization; to remind ancient and small nations of how significant we are to the world, because we have the mysterious key (alphabet) that has brought us so far to maintain our identity and open the way to eternal movement.

Literature: Asomtravruli, Ramaz Pataridze



Director and choreographer of Georgian Alphabet: Maka Kiladze

Choreographer of Hebrew Alphabet: Saar Harari

Dancer: Natia Chikvaidze

Music: Anushka Chkheidze

Camera and editing: Saba Shengelia, David Nadaraia

Animation: Saba Qarseladze

Graphic Designer: Giorgi Tavshavadze