Maka Kiladze

B. 1975 Maka Kiladze lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia. She is a multidisciplinary artist and cultural manager, with experience in visual and performing arts. Currently, she is a founder and artistic director of Circe - Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre in Tbilisi, Georgia.

As an artist, Maka is working in different mediums. She participated in various group exhibitions and had solo exhibitions.

Maka is also creating and directing short experimental film productions (Be Circled, RED SUN, Brain Bank, Magicians of the Black Sea, Meeting with Androgen).

Currently, along with her artistic practices and managing Circe Platform, Maka is working on to implement a new experimental social project ‘My Rooftop’ in partnership with Tbilisi Architecture Biennial and Tbilisi City hall.

Works by Maka Kiladze