Brain Bank

Can we make changes and influences only on a planetary scale, or can we think and communicate with cosmos and the entire universe? Or are these ancient legends and myths? What is the difference between the reality and mysticism? Where’s the fine line between dream and reality? Why do we search for miracles if we do not believe in it? And if we believe ….

“You can love other person, if you love yourself”

Everything is connected in the universe. Every ancient religion proves this opinion and nowadays science speaks up to it as well. Tom Chi thinks that this is not only esoteric or mystical opinion of universe structure and speaks about the ideas of heart, breath and brain.

Heart: heart beat tries to relocate a molecule called Hemoglobin. There are small molecules Heme B in Hemoglobin, and in the center of Heme B, there is a metal atom. Hemoglobin is an essential element for oxygen to circulate the system. Metal is derived from the super star as a supernova. Galactic is colliding in the “Gravitational Dance” - Gravitation process of the universe, which causes process of creation of star and metal. This metal is part of our heart beat, thus, every heart beat is linked.

Breath: Deep breath gives us a sensation of perception of our bodies. We could not do it 3 milliards years ago, but there were organisms, called Cyanobacteria, at those times. Cyanobacteria can have photosynthesis. Now, this organism is captured by plants and is called Chloroplasts. Chloroplasts continues producing oxygen and gives energy to plants. Therefore, our breath is a reflection of plant’s breath.

Produced by Circe – Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre.


Artistic Director and set designer: Maka Kiladze

Performers: Nutsa Khizanishvili, Nika Kiknadze

Camera / Editing: Saba Shengelia

Music: Nathalie Oceann & Vazha Marr


The film was screened in the framework of the festivals:

International Dance Festival - QUINZENA DE DANCA DE ALMADA (VideoDance Showcase 2019), Lisbon/Almada, Portugal, 2019;

Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétique - 32 Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Addis Abba, Ethiopia, 2019;