The Service

Mishiko Sulakauri, Tako Imnadze, The Service, 2020

The artist and the priest in some ways are performing a similar function in a modern society. The work of both is related to the transformation of a reality. The clergymen and the artist are also persons with the ability to convert the unseen to visible, which is accomplished only by their direct participation and by their specific action. Both the artist and the clergy by a ritual intervention in space are creating a certain commune. In the new context offered by them, you are becoming a part of a secret rite controlled by themselves, and unconditionally subordinate to rules and conditions established and proposed by them.In both cases their action is linked to some institution. Their status and authority is a determining force, as they have both unique power and special ability for the public, which could become a dangerous ideological weapon. According to their power, they are not obliged to clarify, explain, but act only. And this action is associated with unconditional belief and therefore excludes revision of their action.